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Melanie Hartmann - We Buy Houses Fast In Maryland - We Buy Houses In Baltimore - Sell House Baltimore, MDHi! My name is Melanie and I live in Baltimore, MD.

At Creo Home Solutions the mission is to help homeowners in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas solve difficult property situations. Unlike those other “We Buy Houses” guys, that are large and impersonal, at Creo Home Solutions you will receive personal and individualized attention based on your unique situation.

Can we provide an offer for your home in under 7 minutes like these other guys? We could, but you are more than just a number on a check to us and at Creo Home Solutions, you will be be treated as such.

Selling your house is often stressful. At Creo Home Solutions, you are treated with honest and open communication. The entire process is explained and all questions are answered in a timely manner.

We got into this business to help people. That’s our true passion. There are many solutions to alleviating the stress of a burdensome property and our mission is to help you understand your options.

At Creo Home Solutions, we specialize in alleviating the following situations regarding your property:

  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Title Issues and Liens
  • Relocation
  • Tired Landlords
  • Vacant Properties and Those In Need of Some Love
  • Divorce
  • Probate
  • Inherited Properties
  • And many other situations!

Your house can be sold in ANY condition and under ANY circumstance. At Creo Home Solutions, those obstacles you usually face when selling your home will be taken care of for you.

Need To Sell Your House in Maryland? I Can Help!

Working With and For You!

Reputation is key and that is why we pride ourselves in being able to work with you one-on-one. Together, we review your options and determine if working with us is your best option or if there is a better solution out there for you.

We offer a no pressure, no risk, no obligation custom solution for your individual situation. If it works for you, great! If not, that’s ok too! We do not buy every house that we look at or every house that we make an offer on. We only move forward when the offer presented makes sense for the both of us!

If you have any questions about how this process of selling a house might work, need help in avoiding foreclosure, or just want to learn more about the company… please don’t hesitate to call or text anytime!

Disclaimer: As I am the one primarily handling calls and texts, I may not be able to answer exactly when you call. However, please leave a message via voicemail or text and I will return your call as soon as I can to evaluate your situation, review your options, and help you decide if Creo Home Solutions is the best fit for your unique situation. If not, we can help you with alternative ways to sell your house. There are many!

Melanie Hartmann - We Buy Houses Fast In Maryland - We Buy Houses In Baltimore - Sell House Baltimore, MD

To better assist you when needed, we partner with other professionals such as brokers, real estate agents, private money lenders, and individuals who focus on lease-to-own options, so that even if Creo Home Solutions is not the best fit in providing you a solution we can quickly connect you to trusted individuals who can. Also, we only partner with individuals and companies that we have or would use personally, so you know that you will be taken care of properly!

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The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
Professional Home Buyer– FREE Guide: 

Download this FREE Guide here. Or, you can always feel free to contact me (call or text) anytime if you have any questions. I are here to provide you with a NO risk, NO obligation evaluation custom-tailored to your individual situation. Or, if you simply want to learn more about how I help homeowners sell unwanted properties for cash, call me at (410) 870-9228 at anytime (day or night!). If I’m not able to answer, I will call you back as soon as I can!

Click the link above to obtain a FREE Guide regarding the pros and cons of selling your house to a home buyer such as Creo Home Solutions and then give me a call at (410) 870-9228 and we can discuss your situation, what your home may be worth, and what I am able to offer for it.

I look forward to working with you!

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