Who can buy my home with cash in Baltimore Maryland?

who will buy my house in Baltimore
Need to sell your Baltimore house fast? This article outlines 3 options for you depending on your unique situation.
Selling a home is no walk in the park. If you are facing a foreclosure, then chances are you may be asking, “who can buy my home for cash in Baltimore?” Well, wonder no more! Fortunately, as a property owner, you have several options that will allow you to sell your house fast!

This blog post outlines the three most common options most Baltimore homeowners will consider when selling their home. If you need to sell your home fast for cash, then be sure to call We Buy Houses Fast in Maryland at (410) 870-9228. We are able to offer cash for most any property in Maryland.

1. Sell your Baltimore house fast for cash to a local Investor

If you need to find a quick buyer of Baltimore homes, selling your property to an investment company, such as We Buy Houses Fast in Maryland, is one option for you. When sellers need to sell fast, we buy houses in Baltimore and surrounding areas in Maryland.  If price is most important to you and you are looking to obtain full market retail value on your home… AND you have time to wait for it to sell (which is often at least 3-6 months but sometimes more) review option number two. However, if you need to sell your house in Maryland fast and do not have the means to make necessary repairs and/or the time to wait for it to sell on the MLS (multiple listing service), then we’d like to make you a fast-fair offer on your house today... or call us directly at (410) 870-9228

2. Sell your house fast for cash with a Real Estate Agent

Many homeowners do not know that a real estate agent is actually a viable option for getting your property sold to a cash buyer.

If you have time and can wait for the “right” retail buyer AND you can pay the 3-6% in real estate agent commissions necessary to sell your home with a real estate agent… listing your house with a real estate agent may be the best option.

However, this process begins by finding the right agent. Most assume that all real estate agents are equal. This could not be farther from the truth. There are several things to consider when choosing a real estate agent.

You may wish to start by asking two to three Baltimore agents to a look at your home and show you comparable homes that have recently sold for cash. The agent you decide upon should be able to list your home on as many property websites as possible. Doing so will significantly increase the number of potential cash buyers who become aware that your home is available for a quick cash sale. It goes without saying that any agent you work with should also be listing your house on the MLS that services the Baltimore area.

It is also important that they advertise your house in local publications that cash buyers see. To help speed up the process, consider offering the agent an attractive incentive (i.e. additional commission, etc.) if they manage to sell your house within a specified time frame. With this option you will of course pay the real estate agent commissions… so be prepared to figure that into your overall costs and deduct that amount from the cash you will receive at closing.

3. Sell your house fast for cash with a FSBO Listing

According to experts, 90 percent of all property searches now begin online… and if you have time to wait to get your house sold… and the time to show potential buyers your house as they come calling… selling your Baltimore house “For Sale By Owner” may be a good fit.

There are tons of web based real estate agents that you can approach to list your home on their websites and some agents will let you purchase a listing on the MLS for $300-$500+. Additionally, you can list your home on websites like the Baltimore “real estate for sale – by owner” section of Craigslist, as well as other online property directories. To attract more potential buyers, be sure your listing includes clear, professional-looking photos of your home clean and uncluttered.

So, who can buy my house for cash in Baltimore?

If you are asking this question, just know that it is possible to sell a house fast for cash. The main thing you need to decide right now is how fast you need to sell your Baltimore house.  If you have 3-6 months or and can pay the real estate agent fees listing your house with an agent may be your best option. If you have time, and don’t mind handling potential buyers directly, than listing your house yourself may be a good option to explore.

However, if you want to avoid paying Realtor commissions or need to sell quickly working with a Baltimore real estate buyer, like We Buy Houses Fast in Maryland, may be a great option to explore. Once you know your options for selling your property for cash, it becomes easier to make the best decision for your unique situation. Click here to learn more home for cash selling tips. If you determine that selling your Baltimore house fast for cash is a possible option for you, fill the web form below for a fair, no-risk, no-obligation, all cash offer.

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